Meet the Band

Morrissey Blvd Feast Zan 2


Guitar & Vocals

Zan is the musical leader of our pack. He has been playing the guitar since he was 7, and is a freshman at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. In addition to playing gigs, Zan has been a devoted lacrosse and flag football coach of Henri and Wilson's teams, and loves to work with kids (especially if he's throwing a football or shooting hoops.) Zan loves animals of all kind. When he is not at Berklee or on the road, we see Zan's other talents in the way he scrambles his eggs, his videography, and his ping pong mastery, but regrettably not in keeping his spaces tidy. Zan's musical influences: Derek Trucks, Isaiah Sharkey, D'Angelo, Jimi Hendricks, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake.

Morrissey Blvd Feast Zoe 3


Keys & Vocals

“She’s as shy as a mouse, but her voice is as big as a house!” Zoelle (or Zoe, for short) is, indeed, by nature, shy, but her voice is loud, proud, and powerful. While her usual home is behind the keys and mic, she will often jump on up and sing solo, front and center. When she’s not jamming with her brothers, Zoe is usually practicing calligraphy, identifying birds by their calls or plumage, or editing her high school newspaper, The Stang Script. You may even find her embroidering while she watches Queer Eye or listens to an audiobook. An aspiring journalist and/or English teacher, she loves to write and read. Zoe draws feminine strength and inspiration from the talents of H.E.R., Aretha Franklin, Adele, and Janis Joplin as she puts up with the band's high testosterone levels.



Bass & Vocals

Henri Morrissey is a man of many talents. While he tears it up on the bass, H-Man (as we call him) started out on the keys. Luckily, he has re-kindled his love for the piano in his SubPhatty Moog keybass, and is still playing those funky lines. Multifaceted on the course/field/court, he finishes his winter season on the basketball team, after spending his fall afternoons at football. But don’t you forget about his speed in cross country or his accuracy in golf -- he, of course, excels at those sports, too. A dedicated puzzle-doer and a stickler for organization, H-Man is certainly the sibling who does all his chores before being asked. He is also the first out the door at 5:30am every morning, ready hit the gym. You will also likely find Henri re-watching The Office, acting out all the lines alongside the show, or cracking sarcastic jokes as he laughs at dog fail videos.



Percussion & Vocals

Don’t let Wil’s age fool you -- he certainly doesn’t act like the average 13-year old. His impeccable time and groovy feel render him the most powerful (and also youngest) member of Morrissey Blvd. When Wilson is playing drums, the whole house can hear his kit; in fact, the neighbors might even be able to hear it (sorry, guys!). Maybe it’s his innate capacity for math that helps him keep time so well... Like his older brothers, Wil has a passion for sports. He plays an intimidating defenseman, but also has a powerful arm to get the ball (in football, lacrosse, basketball) where it needs to go -- in golf, he has often been known to outdrive the rest of the family. When he's not on the kit, you will most likely find Wilson tinkering with some elaborate piece of tech, or more likely, playing Fortnite (trust us -- he's a fiend).